Participants in Wedding Ceremony

Wedding participants are the people who participate in the wedding ceremony. Depending on the religion, location and style of your wedding ceremony, individual people or group also plays their essential role in the ceremony. A woman’s weeding participant consists of those on her wedding party side and those on the grooms side is known to be the groom’s party.

Among the important participants in this kind of ceremony are the bride and the groom. It is also participated with marriage officiant, best man or woman, mother of the bride and the groom. This also includes the maid of honor, bridesmaid, groomsmen, and flower girls. Wedding ceremony is never complete without the presence of the wedding visitors and guests who share their precious time with the married couples, as they unite with each other.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is sometimes called as a wedding gown. This is clothing worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony. Style, color and even the ceremonial importance of the wedding dress depend on the culture and religion of the wedding participants.

Western Culture

In the western culture, it is common to see that most of the brides from the wealthy families wear their wedding dress with exclusive fabrics and rich colors. They are wearing bold colors, velvet, silk and layers of furs. The poorest bride wears the best church dress on their wedding day. The price and amount of material of the wedding dress reflects the social standing of the bride and the extent of their family’s wealth.

A white wedding dress became a famous option because of Queen Victoria. This is the dress she wears after getting married to Albert of Saxe Coburg. The official wedding photograph was published and may of the brides at that time opt for white. Today, most of the western wedding dresses reflect simplicity and meaningful personality.

Eastern Culture

Most of the wedding dresses in China, Pakistan, India and Vietnam are found in their red color for auspiciousness and good luck. Nowadays, most of the women choose other colors than red. In the modern Chinese wedding, they may choose to have any colour of wedding dress with a traditional wedding costume for a tea ceremony. In Taiwanese wedding, the bride actually chooses a red colored or white colored dress. Red wedding saris is also a garment choice for Indian culture brides. Japanese wedding also makes use of traditionally pure and white kimono for formal wedding ceremonies that symbolize maidenhood and purity. The Javanese people wear kebaya, a traditional type of blouse with batik. In the Philippines, different variations of baro’t saya are adapted as part of the white wedding ceremony.

Current Fashion

Today, most of the wedding dresses in the market are sleeveless or strapless. This is because such dresses require less skill from its designer. This is even much easier to alter fitting for the bride. However, sleeved wedding gowns and wedding gowns with strap have become popular in the recent years. Many of the wedding dresses today are based on the older styles, Victorians and other styles.

No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you want to have and wedding dress you want to wear, all that it takes is commitment to your partner. It doesn’t matter what your culture and tradition is, as long as you are showing a true commitment to each other. Expect that your wedding ceremony will be at its best!

A Glimpse on Wedding and Wedding Dresses

A wedding is an exciting ceremony wherein two people are united in marriage. Wedding customs and traditions differ greatly between ethnic groups, culture, countries, religions and social classes. Most of the wedding ceremonies involved the exchange of couple’s wedding rings, presentations of their gifts such as flowers, money, rings and all other symbolic items. It also includes the proclamation of their marriage with an authority figure.

In this kind of ceremony, wedding garments are commonly worn. Apart from it, the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception. Poetry, music and readings from religious literature and texts are also associated in this ceremony.

Types of Wedding

There are different types of weddings that you need to be familiar with and they are as follow:

  • Civil Wedding

This is a wedding ceremony that is presided by a civil authority such as an appointed judge, mayor of the locality or even justice of peace. This makes use of deity or references to God. But then, there are no other references to a denomination or a particular region. This ceremony can be made simple or elaborative. Most of the civil weddings take place in the city halls or local towns in the judge’s chambers.

  • Double Wedding

This is a double wedding ceremony wherein two affianced couples rendezvous for two consecutive or simultaneous weddings. Typically, a fiancé with sibling who is engaged or even four close friends in which both couples within their friendship planned to have a double wedding.

  • Mass Wedding

A mass or collective wedding is actually a single ceremony wherein numerous couples are married simultaneously.

  • Military Wedding

A military wedding is a ceremony that takes place in a military chapel. This may sometimes involve Saber Arch. In this kind of wedding, the bride or groom or even both wear military dresses uniform rather than civilian formal wears.

  • White Wedding

White wedding is a traditional, formal or semi-formal western ceremony. This refers to the color of the wedding dress and this is purely white gown. At that time, white color wedding dress symbolizes sexual purity and extravagance. White is also the favourite color used by a bride.

  • Dutch Wedding

This is a conventional wedding ceremony. However, the guest list is doubled than that of the average wedding. But then, this is under the same budget.

  • Jewish Wedding

This is a wedding ceremony that follows the Jewish traditions and laws.

  • Vow Renewal Wedding

This is a ceremony wherein married couple reaffirms or renews their wedding vows. Typically, this kind of wedding ceremony is held in commemoration for the couple’s milestone wedding anniversary. It may also be held to recreate the marriage ceremony with the presence of family and friends.

These are just some of the types of wedding that you may choose when you have already decided to unite with your partner. There are still other types of wedding that you may try depending on the law, the tradition and other beliefs of your country.