Tips & Tricks to Make Your Motion Graphics Stand Out

In simple words, motion graphics are nothing more than graphic designs animated with music, effective copy, and a story to tell to the viewer. It is an effective tool to communicate or to create ads, sequences for movies, explanations, and even share information in the form of graphics. Overall, it is one of the pillars of the modern internet as many videos rely on motion graphics to make their point, or argument or just to have something on the background that goes in pair with the explanation.

Since it is an animation that relies on the practices of graphic design, making motion graphics is not that easy, as there are many elements and things that must be considered at all times, as sound and motion matters as much as the content of the animation.

Tips & Tricks to Make Your Motion Graphics Stand Out:

They are used for branding, explanations of complex concepts, creating awareness, and sharing product videos, that is why it is extremely important that the animation is made of top quality and without any errors that could subtract points from the main idea. That is why is important to discover tips and tricks that can help you master the art of creating motion graphics.

Know the Goal:

Sometimes not knowing the main goal or reason behind the existence of the animation. It needs to be a very reasonable goal that justifies the reason for making this type of product and not any other. Try to answer questions such as what is the use case, what actions should be taken, and what audience is being targeted. The answers to these questions will open many doors.

Define the Run Time.

You do not need long animations in order to make them stand out, in fact, if it is possible, the lower the run time the better as it will be possible to show all ideas in proper timing without having weird changes of pace or anything that could disrupt the explanation.

Design for the Whole Scene:

People tend to focus on the main topic of the motion graphic instead of paying equal attention to everything that is happening on the scene, which is not good at all. As a designer, you should anticipate the viewer’s preferences and needs, that is why you need to pay attention to the design and consider it as a whole.

For example, many people prefer to design just a single tree of the whole forest, which is not good, as the next part of the animation could use the forest as a foundation, and adding it out of nowhere would be weird.

Watch the Temporization:

Unsync is something common in animations, as the scenes could be moving too fast for the speed at which the VO is explaining the concept or the scene. This is fatal, as it could leave many scenes without proper explanation or even worse, you could cause confusion to the viewer, something that will bring negative results in the future.

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