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Bridal Party Duties

Maid or Matron of Honor
Brides usually choose a maid or matron of honor they feel close to; a sister or best friend.  If you are having a large wedding you may want both -- a married sister for the Matron and an unmarried sister for Maid of Honor.  Your maid or matron of honor is indispensable and a big help throughout your planning and ceremony.  Her customary duties include the following:

  • Hosts the bridal shower with Mother of Bride & other bridesmaids
  • Helps the bride with addressing envelopes, making favors, and helping with the shopping.
  • Pays for her own Wedding Attire.
  • Alone or with Bridesmaids has a shower for the Bride.
  • In charge of Bridesmaids being on time for all events.
  • Helps organize the bridesmaids with their fittings and on the Wedding Day.
  • Keeps the Groom's Ring until the appropriate time during the ceremony, when she exchanges it for the brides bouquet.
  • Arranges the bride's train and veil before and during the ceremony.
  • Assists the bride in dressing before the ceremony and at the reception before the bride leaves.
  • Signs the Wedding Certificate as a Legal Witness.
  • Is a member of the receiving line, usually standing next to the Groom.
  • Is seated in a place of honor at the reception.
  • Bustles the Bride's train before the reception.
  • Dances with the Best Man during the First Dance.
  • May take the Bridal Gown to the cleaners or back home.
  • Assists the Best Man with bringing the gifts to the Bride & Groom's Home.


There are no definite rules on the number of bridesmaids you should have. However, twelve is customarily the limit and most do not have more than eight. For a simple wedding you should have fewer.  The bridesmaids duties include:

  • May be helpful with the pre-wedding errands and tasks.
  • Purchase their own Wedding Attire
  • Together with the Maid of Honor have a Shower for the bride.
  • Attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal Dinner Party.
  • Sometimes participates in the receiving line,
    usually standing to the left of the Maid of Honor.
  • May be seated at the Head Table during the reception.


The Best Man
The Groom usually chooses his brother, a close relative or best friend. However, it can be the Groom's Father, or Son in a case of a second marriage. The Best Man not only offers the Groom moral support, but is his right hand man in organizing activities and handling important duties.

  • Coordinates the Bachelor Party
  • Pays for his own Wedding Attire
  • Makes sure Ushers are on time to all events
  • Makes sure the Groom gets to the Church on time, and helps him dress
  • Supervises the Ushers' Fittings and organizes them on the Wedding Day
  • Keeps the Bride's Wedding Ring until the appropriate time during the ceremony
  • Pays the Officiant's Fee before or after the ceremony for the Groom
  • Signs the Wedding Certificate as a Witness
  • Is seated in a place of honor at the Reception, usually to the Bride's right.
  • Makes the First Toast to the Bride & Groom at the Reception, and reads any telegrams they received
  • Dances with the Bride
  • Insures that the suitcases are loaded into the Honeymoon Vehicle, and that the Groom has the Plane Ticket, Itinerary and Traveler's Checks
  • Takes the Groom's Wedding Attire to the Cleaners or back to the Rental Shop
  • Takes Gifts the Bride & Groom have received back to their home


The Ushers or Groomsmen
Generally the size of the Wedding determines the number of Ushers. For example, you would not want ten ushers with only fifty guests.  A guide to follow is one usher for every Fifty Guests or one usher to every bridesmaid.  The Ushers or Groomsmen are usually brothers, relatives, or close friends of the Bride or Groom.  Their duties include the following:

  • Pay for their Wedding Attire
  • Help the Best Man organize the Bachelor Party
  • Arrive at the Church One Hour Before the Ceremony to Seat the Guests
  • Seat guests at Church by pew cards or in the reserved or special sections
  • Distribute Wedding Service Programs if any
  • Direct the Placement of the Wedding Gifts
  • Seat the Bride's Guests usually on the Left - and the Groom's Guests on the Right (In an Orthodox Jewish Wedding the Sides are Reversed.)
  • Seat the Groom's Parents in the Right Front Pew and then the Bride's Mother in the Left Front Pew.  The Bride's Mother is the Last person seated before the processional begins.
  • Unroll the aisle carpet, and then take their places
  • Escort the Bridesmaid out of the church after the recessional


The Flower Girl

You may have one or two little flower girls who are about the same size.  Usually they range in age from four to eight.  Her duty is to carry a basket of rose petals that she scatters down the aisle or a small bouquet.  If rose petals are prohibited in your church she may carry baby roses to pass out.

Ring Bearer or Train Bearer
It is not necessary to have either a ring or train bearer.  However if you do know one or two cute little boys who are about four or five, you may want them to take part.   The ring bearer or train bearer may also be a little girl!  If so, she should be dressed the same as the flower girl.  The duties of the Ring Bearer are to carry the ring or rings tied by a ribbon on a satin or lacey pillow.  The Ring Bearer may walk alone or with the flower girl, but precedes the bride.  The Train Bearer carries the bridal gown train, following the bride.

The Mother of the Bride
Your mother is as excited as you are, and will want to be involved whenever it is possible or she is needed.  Allow her to:

  • Assist with the selection of the Gown, Accessories, and Attendant's Attire
  • Compile the guest list and helps address the invitations
  • Assist in the ceremony and reception details
  • Purchase her own Dress, she has First Choice in Color but consults with the Groom's Mother
  • Keep the Father of the Bride informed of Wedding Plans
  • She is the Official Hostess at the Wedding Reception.  She is the last person seated at the ceremony and the first to greet the guests in the receiving line.
    She is seated in a place of honor at the Reception.



The Father of the Bride
This is the big day for him, and it is one many Proud Father's
have waited for.  His duties include:

  • Riding with the Bride to the Ceremony
  • Escorting his Daughter down the aisle, and either stays there
    or sits in the front left pew
  • He may stand in the receiving line, and mingle with the guests
    as Host of the Reception


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